SH Noor Al Khalifa Awarded at 2024 Arab Women of the Year

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 March 2024
SH Noor Al Khalifa Awarded at 2024 Arab Women of the Year

Shaikha Noor Bint Rashid Al Khalifa made history by becoming the first-ever recipient of the esteemed "Achievement in Creativity" award at the 2024 Arab Women of the Year ceremony held in London. The recognition underscores her pioneering contributions to creativity and innovation, marking a significant milestone for Arab women globally.


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Noon by Noor

As the President of Noor Enterprises Holding and the driving force behind Noon by Noor, Shaikha Noor has elevated Bahraini creativity to unprecedented heights. Since its establishment in 2008, Noon by Noor has captured international acclaim for seamlessly blending Eastern and Western aesthetics, captivating audiences worldwide. Shaikha Noor's visionary leadership extends beyond fashion, encompassing luxury retail, hospitality, and real estate projects, where she continues to champion Bahrain's creative spirit on a global platform.

A Voice for Empowerment

Shaikha Noor's journey exemplifies resilience and empowerment, breaking barriers in the male-dominated fashion industry as an Arab woman. Her commitment to empowering women resonates through her actions, inspiring countless individuals to pursue their creative passions fearlessly.


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Gratitude and Humility

Expressing deep gratitude for the prestigious accolade, Shaikha Noor shared, "I am deeply humbled and honored to receive this prestigious award. The journey of creative design is paved with challenges, and breaking through this industry as an Arab woman makes every milestone that much more spectacular."


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Celebrating Arab Women's Achievements

The Arab Women of the Year Awards serve as a platform to celebrate the remarkable achievements of Arab women across diverse fields. Held alongside the first Arab Women's Summit, the 2024 ceremony marked a key moment in advancing the empowerment of Arab women globally.

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