Bahrain Introduces BD3 Hotel Accommodation Tax for Tourists

  • Publish date: Sunday، 05 May 2024
Bahrain Introduces BD3 Hotel Accommodation Tax for Tourists

The Ministry of Tourism in Bahrain has unveiled a new tourist tax on hotel stays across the kingdom. Effective May 1, 2024, tourists visiting Bahrain will be subject to a hotel accommodation tax of three Bahraini dinars per room per day.

The announcement, made by the Ministry of Tourism, has been disseminated to tourist travel agencies and airlines both domestically and internationally. They have been instructed to include the tax in the room rates charged to tourists booking accommodations in Bahrain.

The introduction of this tax aims to standardize additional costs associated with hotel stays and enhance transparency for travelers planning visits to Bahrain.

The Ministry of Tourism anticipates that this new tax will significantly bolster revenue, with projections indicating a potential increase in the state budget of up to three million dinars annually, assuming an average hotel room occupancy rate of 40 percent per year.

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