Is There a Panadol Supply Shortage in Bahrain?

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 June 2023
Is There a Panadol Supply Shortage in Bahrain?

Despite rumors of a shortage, Jaffar Pharmacy confirmed that all varieties of Panadol are readily accessible in numerous Bahraini pharmacies.

The authorized local company that imports multiple kinds of medication for treating colds said in a statement to the publication Al Ayam that they gave more than 40,000 packs of Panadol Night, 34,000 packs of Panadol Cold and Flu, and more than 40,000 additional products.

Panadol Advance (blue) was previously mentioned as being unavailable in Bahrain due to a manufacturer's supply shortage. The pharmacy claimed that there were "many rumors" about a shortage in some pharmacies.

This was a result of these pharmacies not requesting Panadol supplies from the earlier-mentioned company. "Most pharmacies have all varieties of Panadol, and we also guarantee our constant readiness to supply any pharmacy with all sorts of medicines."

Jaffar Pharmacy further added, "There may be a shortage of medicine; however, that is due to the large demand according to the season or even delays in the supply chain. At the moment, there is no difficulty with delivering Panadol kinds, with distributing pharmacies contacting the agent to obtain any required."

The pharmacy declared its commitment to the National Authority for Regulating Professions and Health Services laws, which call for the three-month availability of stock.

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