Did You Know Bahrain Has A 400-Year-Old Tree?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 23 May 2023
Did You Know Bahrain Has A 400-Year-Old Tree?
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The Tree of Life, also known as Shajarat-al-Hayat, is a mesquite tree that has been standing alone and mysteriously in the middle of Bahrain's desert for more than 400 years.

Did You Know Bahrain Has A 400-Year-Old Tree?

The 32-foot mesquite tree has puzzled both tourists and experts for its entire existence since it grew without any visible source of water. There is still no source of water in sight, despite the fact that mesquite trees are known for having extensive root systems that store a lot of water. Bahrain's Tree of Life is even more baffling as even all desert plants require water to survive.

Throughout the years, Bahrain has had little to no rain. Some argue that its roots can potentially reach the water since they extend 50 meters below the surface. Some claim that the tree has developed the ability to get moisture from sand grains. Others believe that the tree's mysterious supply of water comes from the fact that it is situated in what was once the Garden of Eden. How the tree has survived is an unsolved mystery.

Did You Know Bahrain Has A 400-Year-Old Tree?

The mist-covered Jebel Dukhan, Bahrain's highest mountain, is only a mile away from the tree. The slope provides a good perspective of the barren environment in which this tree has flourished from 440 feet above sea level.

Whatever the explanation, the tree continues to grow as it stands strong in the small desert nation and shows no signs of dying.