Top places for Suhoor in Bahrain

  • Publish date: Monday، 03 April 2023
Top places for Suhoor in Bahrain

Bahrain is a country that values its rich cultural heritage and traditions, and one of the most cherished traditions during the holy month of Ramadan is the Suhoor meal. Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal that Muslims consume before starting their fast for the day. In Bahrain, Suhoor is often a family affair that takes place in the comfort of one's own home, but many people also prefer to go out and enjoy a meal at restaurants or hotels.

Bahrain has a wide range of dining options that cater to various tastes and preferences, and many restaurants and hotels offer Suhoor during the month of Ramadan. The country's culinary scene has something for everyone, from traditional Bahraini and Middle Eastern cuisine to international and fusion dishes.

Here is a list of the Top Places for Suhoor in Bahrain

Günaydin Bahrain

Top places for Suhoor in Bahrain

If you're looking for a place to indulge in generous portions of steaks and grills, then head to an open kitchen in Adliya. Their Ramadan menu is fabulous and you can join them for Iftar, Ghabga, or Suhoor between 6 pm to 2 am.

Location: The Terminal, Adliya Block 33


Ô Liban

Top places for Suhoor in Bahrain

Ô Liban is a Lebanese restaurant that offers authentic Lebanese dishes year-round. They have a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a great place to spend quality time with loved ones during Ramadan. Their special Ramadan menu includes a variety of hot and cold mezzes, soups, salads, and main courses for both Iftar and Suhoor. If you love Lebanese cuisine or want to try something new during Ramadan, Ô Liban is worth visiting.

Location: Road 3802 Building 63 Block 338 Manama, 338, Bahrain

@Ô Liban

The Merchant House

Top places for Suhoor in Bahrain

Indigo, located at The Merchant House, is offering a delightful menu on their terrace this Ramadan whether you are looking for Iftar or Suhoor menus.

Location: 150 Government Ave, Manama 304, Bahrain

@The Merchant House

Al Noor Tent

Top places for Suhoor in Bahrain

Al Noor Tent is an excellent option for those seeking a special experience. They offer a delicious buffet with a wide variety of dishes for Iftar and the buffet extends all the way until Suhoor. One of the highlights of dining at the Noor Tent during Ramadan is the entertainment that is provided. They offer some of the finest performers, who keep the atmosphere lively and engaging throughout the evening.

Location: Elite Resort & Spa hotel in Muharraq


Enab Beirut

Top places for Suhoor in Bahrain

Enab Beirut offers an exceptional Lebanese dining experience with a wide range of traditional and contemporary dishes. Whether you're a Lebanese food enthusiast or simply looking for a new dining experience for Iftar or Suhoor, Enab Beirut is the perfect place to indulge in the best of Lebanese cuisine.

Location: 2nd floor, 112 Rd No 3803, Manama, Bahrain


Alareen Palace and Spa

Top places for Suhoor in Bahrain

Alareen is offering a complete Ramadan experience with its Iftar offer, which includes majlis seating and live entertainment. In addition, they have an extensive A la Carte menu available for Suhoor.

Location: Building 2046, Manama, Bahrain

@Al Areen Palace & Spa by Accor

The Orangery

Top places for Suhoor in Bahrain

The Orangery, a popular local destination, is offering a set Iftar menu every night, as well as a lively Ghabga & Suhoor filled with food, music, and shisha.

Location: at The Palace Boutique Hotel

@The Orangery