Gulf Nations May Soon Be Able to Drink Freshwater from Melted Glacier!

  • Publish date: Thursday، 08 February 2024
Gulf Nations May Soon Be Able to Drink Freshwater from Melted Glacier!

Arctic Ice, the company known for shipping glacier ice to Dubai, has secured a license from the Greenland government to export freshwater derived from melted glaciers. Claiming it as the "purest in the world," the company plans to import this glacial water to the UAE and other Gulf nations. According to Samir Ben Tabib, chairman of international relations at Arctic Ice, their water source in south Greenland yields 21.3 billion liters of water annually, and they aim to establish a strong bond between the Gulf region and Greenland.

Expanding the Arctic Water Bank

Arctic Ice's subsidiary, Arctic Water Bank, intends to collaborate with major players in the UAE and Gulf regions to supply its SIKU ice and water brand. Ben Tabib highlighted the exceptional water quality in southern Greenland and revealed plans to establish a site for bulk water shipment, catering to tankers and ships. The company also aims to provide on-site service to facilitate water retrieval and is in the process of creating digital nautical maps for shipping routes.

Samir Ben Tabib

Price and Storage Considerations

Regarding water storage in the UAE, Arctic Ice is exploring options such as selling directly from the source or producing branded water bottles. Ben Tabib emphasized the need for dialogue with clients to find commercially viable solutions. While acknowledging the potential for higher prices due to superior quality, he underscored their commitment to serious discussions with the Gulf region. With plans to explore additional water sources, Arctic Water Bank anticipates a 30-40% increase in water prices by 2030, addressing the growing demand amid dry seasons.

Greenlandic ice cap is the largest reservoirs of fresh water on Earth. Photos: Supplied

Environmental Considerations

In line with environmental concerns, Arctic Water Bank aims to support green shipping initiatives by utilizing water energy for its operations in Greenland. This commitment reflects their dedication to sustainability amid the growing demand for high-quality freshwater in dry regions like the UAE and the Gulf.

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