New Digital Power Meters to Show Accurate Electricity & Water Readings

  • Publish date: Thursday، 05 January 2023
New Digital Power Meters to Show Accurate Electricity & Water Readings

According to Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, president of the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), the installation of hi-tech power digital meters is anticipated to be complete by June 2023 as scheduled.

He stated that the project, which is progressing as planned, is one of EWA's strategic initiatives that aim to bring about digital transformation in Bahrain's water and electricity sectors. In addition to immediately cutting off the electricity in the event of additional loads, the new digital meters give users precise readings remotely and automatically without requiring any human interaction.

The EWA President also said, “The digital meters provide an automated system starting from reading to billing, in addition to the possibility of linking them during the next stage with smart applications so that the subscriber can accurately view the pattern of his consumption."

The new meters are distinguished by their ability to quickly activate subscribers' accounts by connecting the electric current to the meters remotely without requiring a site visit. They may also record readings based on the quality of the electric current for users.

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