Key Discussions from the 33rd Arab Summit in Bahrain

  • Publish date: Saturday، 18 May 2024
Key Discussions from the 33rd Arab Summit in Bahrain

At the 33rd Regular Session of the Council of the League of Arab States in Bahrain, the Bahrain Declaration was issued, emphasizing unity, cooperation, and development among Arab nations.

The declaration addressed various regional concerns and outlined several key points:

Condolences and Leadership Transition

The summit acknowledged the passing of Kuwait’s Amir and welcomed the new leadership, highlighting the importance of stability and continuity in the region.

Saudi Arabia’s Contributions

Saudi Arabia was commended for its efforts and leadership during its presidency of the previous Arab Summit, recognizing its role in promoting regional cooperation.

Support for Palestine

The declaration called for an end to Israeli aggression in Gaza, supported a two-state solution, and urged international recognition of Palestine.

Focus on Sudan

The summit expressed support for Sudan’s sovereignty, called for a ceasefire, and emphasized the need for humanitarian relief.

Key Discussions from the 33rd Arab Summit in Bahrain

Resolution for Syria

There was a strong emphasis on ending the Syrian crisis in line with UN Resolution 2254 and supporting the return of refugees to their homes.

Yemen’s Political Solution

Support was extended to Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council, with calls for a political solution to the ongoing conflict.

Libya’s Path to Stability

The declaration backed Libya’s sovereignty and called for elections and the withdrawal of foreign forces to achieve stability.

Encouragement for Lebanon

Lebanon was encouraged to elect a president and implement necessary economic reforms to address its ongoing crises.

Key Discussions from the 33rd Arab Summit in Bahrain

Support for Somalia

The summit reiterated support for Somalia’s sovereignty and efforts against terrorism, emphasizing regional security.

UAE’s Territorial Disputes

The declaration reaffirmed UAE’s sovereignty over disputed islands and called for a peaceful resolution with Iran.

Water Security Concerns

Water security for Egypt, Sudan, Syria, and Iraq was emphasized as a critical issue for regional stability and development.

Rejection of Armed Groups

The declaration rejected any support for armed groups that undermine the stability of Arab states, committing to combat terrorism and extremism.

Maritime Navigation and Nuclear Weapons

Adherence to the freedom of maritime navigation was affirmed, along with support for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons and the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Key Discussions from the 33rd Arab Summit in Bahrain

International and UN Cooperation

Strengthening partnerships with international blocs and friendly countries, along with a commitment to working with the UN on global challenges and sustainable development goals, was highlighted.

Appreciation for Bahrain

Bahrain was acknowledged for hosting the summit and its initiatives aimed at promoting regional stability and development.

Specific Initiatives

- InternationalConferenceforPalestinianResolution: A call for an international conference to address the Palestinian issue.

- Diplomatic Efforts for Palestine: Urging Arab foreign ministers to secure international recognition of Palestine.

- Educational Services: Provision of educational services for individuals affected by conflicts.

- Healthcare Improvement: Enhancing healthcare and pharmaceutical development in conflict regions.

- Financial Technology and Innovation: Promoting financial technology and digital transformation cooperation.

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