MOE Announces No Classes on May 15 and 16 for Arab Summit

  • Publish date: since 6 days
MOE Announces No Classes on May 15 and 16 for Arab Summit

In light of the upcoming Arab Summit in Bahrain, the Ministry of Education has announced adjustments affecting schools, universities, and educational institutions across the Kingdom.

Public Schools:

- Secondary School Exams: Final exams scheduled for May 15th and 16th will be rescheduled, with a revised timetable soon to be issued by the Ministry.

- May 15th & 16th: Designated as study and preparation days for final exams across all levels - primary, preparatory, and secondary.

- Regular Classes Resume: Secondary and preparatory students will resume exams, while other levels will resume regular classes on Sunday, May 19th.

Private Schools:

- Flexibility for Adjustments: Private schools have the authority to reschedule lessons or exams on May 15th and 16th, with the opportunity for students to make up missed work the following week. Communication regarding these adjustments will be directly conveyed to students and parents by the schools.

Higher Education Institutions:

- Rescheduling Operations: Both public and private universities and colleges will reschedule classes or exams originally planned for May 15th and 16th, with regular operations set to resume on Sunday, May 19th.

International Exams:

- Exempt from Adjustments: Schools and universities administering international exams will not be affected by these changes unless rescheduling is impractical. Students involved in these exams should adhere to their original schedules and utilize alternative routes provided by the Ministry of Interior during the Summit.

Nurseries and Kindergartens:

- Closure: Nurseries and kindergartens will remain closed on May 15th and 16th. Parents are advised to confirm arrangements directly with their child's respective institution.

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