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New COVID-19 Guidelines for Educational Institutions

  • Publish date: Sunday، 05 December 2021
New COVID-19  Guidelines for Educational Institutions
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The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has issued new guidelines for Covid-19 precautionary measures in educational institutions. This applies to universities, schools, nurseries, early childhood centres and centres for special needs in Dubai.

Here are all the updated guidelines:

  1. The physical distancing requirement for students is now one metre instead of two.
  2.  Wearing a face mask, following hand hygiene etc. will remain.
  3.  Quarantine period for a person who has Covid-19 continues to be 10 days.
  1. The quarantine duration for a close contact has been reduced to seven days, irrespective of one’s vaccination status. A PCR test is not required at the end of the quarantine period if the person is symptom-free.
  2.  After completion of quarantine period for a positive case, a clearance certificate would be and will be issued automatically. Students and staff may return to the educational institution after submitting the certificate.

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