Price Rise of Dairy Products Cause Outrage Among Bahrainis

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 04 January 2023
Price Rise of Dairy Products Cause Outrage Among Bahrainis

Bahraini residents are furious over a recent hike in the cost of dairy goods provided by a well-known Saudi brand, Al Marai.

However, customers were not persuaded nor pacified. Abdulhussain Mohammed, a frustrated Bahraini, was one of several to express his displeasure with GDN Online, saying, “This increase in prices across several product categories is really upsetting and overwhelming. Milk and yogurt are basic commodities.”

Almarai stated that prices have increased due to a recent increase in the cost of production and took into consideration higher feed prices and shipping costs in response to customer outrage on its official Twitter account. A few dairy products have had their prices adjusted as an outcome, per its statement, in order to "cover part of the costs of these increases."

A 170g carton of yogurt now costs 200 fils instead of 150 fils, and 180ml of fresh milk now costs 195 fils rather than 150 fils for 180ml of Nada fresh milk or 200ml of Nadec fresh milk. Customers also noticed that the price of fresh cream went up from 350 fils to 400 fils.

The chairman of Trafco Group subsidiary Awal Dairy, Ebrahim Zainal, acknowledged the difficulties that face the world. According to Mr. Zainal, in a GDN conversation on Tuesday, “Our prices are still fixed, but we are really under global market pressure – the rise in the price of raw materials as well as packing materials. We may have to increase our prices, but we will definitely keep our prices lower by a large margin than others. We can’t forget that the production capacity of Awal is limited and we won’t make claims that we can cover the entire Bahraini market.”

Price Rise of Dairy Products Cause Outrage Among Bahrainis

Bahrain relies heavily on imports, therefore changes in the world market will undoubtedly have an influence on the entire nation, he added. 

Mr. Zainal claims that there has been a global increase in prices and that several countries are experiencing severe inflation.

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