Road Update: King Fahd Causeway Reduces Speed Limit!

  • Publish date: Friday، 03 May 2024
Road Update: King Fahd Causeway Reduces Speed Limit!

The King Fahd Causeway, a 25-kilometer-long bridge that connects Bahrain with the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, has lowered its speed limit to enhance road safety. The new speed limit is now set at 80 km/hr, down from the previous 100 km/hr.

Safety and Traffic Management

The change aims to increase safety for the millions of drivers who use the bridge each year, as well as to improve traffic flow. Commuters and travelers are advised to adhere to the revised speed limit for a safer and more manageable driving experience.

Penalties for Speeding

To enforce the new limit, traffic police will monitor the causeway and issue fines to drivers who exceed the 80 km/hr speed limit. This measure is designed to reduce traffic violations and ensure a safer environment for all causeway users.

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