This Bahraini Group is Running 400KM to Riyadh for Saudi Founding Day

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 21 February 2024
This Bahraini Group is Running 400KM to Riyadh for Saudi Founding Day

Abdulla al-Eid, Abdulla Al Thawadi, and Aziz Mattar, along with their team, are opting for an extraordinary mode of travel to Riyadh for the upcoming Saudi Founding Day celebrations. Ditching conventional modes of transportation, these marathon enthusiasts are set to conquer a 400km journey on foot across the King Fahd Causeway to mark a unique and adventurous celebration.

The Manama to Riyadh Challenge

In what they call the "Manama to Riyadh challenge," these individuals will endure five to eight days of relentless running through desert terrain, braving extreme heat and physical exertion. Beyond testing their personal limits, their dedication symbolizes a gesture of respect and camaraderie towards their Saudi counterparts.


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Patronage and Purpose

Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Khalid Al Khalifa, this remarkable feat not only commemorates Saudi Founding Day but also serves as a testament to human endurance and unity. By allotting time and effort on this journey, the runners aim to inspire others and create an unforgettable adventure, earning well-deserved bragging rights along the way.

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