Popular Health Restaurant Faces Scam Complaints for Fake Subscription

  • Publish date: Thursday، 18 January 2024
Popular Health Restaurant Faces Scam Complaints for Fake Subscription

Allegations have surfaced against a health food restaurant in Bahrain, accused of fraudulent practices related to a monthly subscription valued at BD100. The establishment is under fire for not fulfilling promised meal deliveries, and the situation has escalated due to a reported lack of cook and delivery personnel, leading to staff abandonment over unpaid salaries.

Customer Frustration and Refusals

Despite having its commercial registration closed, the restaurant continues to operate on Instagram, attracting new subscribers. However, it refuses to refund payments and allegedly deletes comments criticizing its practices. The owner's response has been dismissive, stating, "If you want to complain, go ahead; it won’t make a difference."

Complaints Filed for Action

Angry subscribers have filed complaints, urging relevant authorities to take swift action against deceptive practices and financial wrongdoings. Concerns are raised about the restaurant's continued operation without proper disclosure of its commercial status, potentially misleading new customers.

Unexpected Downfall and Customer Betrayal

The restaurant was once recognized for exceptional service and collaborations with artists and influencers, but its sudden downfall has left subscribers in dismay. Customers emphasize the need for transparency when businesses officially close to prevent others from engaging in deceptive financial practices, exploiting customer trust under the guise of compensating for losses.

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