Train Linking UAE, Saudi, and Oman Issues Official Launch Date

  • Publish date: Friday، 08 December 2023
Train Linking UAE, Saudi, and Oman Issues Official Launch Date

During the recent Committee of GCC Ministers of Transport and Communications meeting in Muscat, a significant decision was reached to target December 2030 as the operational launch for the GCC railway project. This extensive project aims to seamlessly connect the UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia through an extensive railway network spanning approximately 2,117 kilometers.

Budget Approval Signals Upcoming Construction

In an additional move during the meeting, the GCC administrative regulation endorsed budgets for 2024 regarding financial, accounting, procurement, and storage regulations. This endorsement hints at the impending construction activities once the new year starts.

Enhanced Connectivity and Economic Prospects

The proposed Gulf Railway system, if executed as planned, not only promises to link the mentioned countries but also holds the potential to extend its reach to Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. Beyond mere connectivity, this ambitious network is anticipated to strengthen economic collaborations and significantly boost trade opportunities within the GCC nations.

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