Bahrain's Indian Population Reaches 320,000

  • Publish date: Sunday، 30 July 2023
Bahrain's Indian Population Reaches 320,000

As per official government statistics, Bahrain currently houses 320,000 non-resident Indians (NRIs), contributing to the overall NRI population of Gulf countries, which exceeds 8.8 million. NRIs are individuals who hold Indian passports but live in foreign nations.

Out of the total 13.4 million NRIs worldwide, the CC (Cooperation Council) countries have the most significant proportion, making up more than 66 percent. According to data from India's External Affairs Ministry, accurate up to March 2022, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) holds the highest number of NRIs in the region, with an impressive count of 3.41 million.

Saudi Arabia comes in second place with 2.59 million NRIs, followed by Kuwait with 1.02 million, Qatar with 740,000, Oman with 770,000, and Bahrain with 320,000 NRIs. Apart from the GCC countries, the United States and the United Kingdom also draw a substantial NRI population, hosting 1.28 million NRIs in the US and 350,000 in the UK.

Furthermore, Australia, Malaysia, and Canada have substantial NRI communities, showcasing the global presence of Indian expatriates worldwide. In Bahrain, NRIs hold a vital position in the country's diverse cultural milieu and play a significant role in driving its economic growth and development.

Their presence reflects the strong ties and shared interests between Bahrain and India, fostering a flourishing bilateral relationship.

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